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Welcome to Malsch!

At the start of February 1999, we moved from Heidelberg to a little village called Malsch. Just to give you a rough idea of where we are, here's a link to Google Maps...


What can we say about Malsch? It's a smallish village (about 3300 inhabitants) that is probably most well-known for its wine. There are several vintners in Malsch, and the whole village is more or less surrounded by vineyards. Apart from that, Malsch is more or less like any other German village - plenty of clubs, pubs, a few village shops and the odd restaurant!

Since moving here, we have settled in very well, and made a lot of friends. The locals are generally very friendly and try to involve us as much as possible. The street that we live in organizes a big street party every year and one resident is selected to be the honorary mayor for the year. 2001 was Jon's turn, and we provided a little change for our neighbours - a street party, English style - English beer, English food and a quiz all about England. We were pleasantly surprised at how much people know about our country!

All in all, we like it here, and wouldn't want to move back to a big town or city! Just in case you're interested, here are a few pictures taken in and around the village...

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