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Welcome to the Wells Family Webpage

Hello and welcome to our website. That's us in the photo - Ollie, Jon, James and Mel.

This picture was taken in August 2018 at the Eden Project in Cornwall - one of our favourite holiday destinations, alongside pretty much anywhere in Scotland, but particularly the Isle of Islay.

Jon and Mel are both British, but moved to Germany in 1995, first to Heidelberg, then, four years later, to Malsch. The boys were both born in Germany and have dual nationality, so they can choose whether to be British or German...

The boys are both heavily into all things IT and computers, as are mum and dad - we both work for SAP SE - a large, international software company. However, we both have another passion - Whisky!

Way back in 2006, Jon founded Whiskybrunnen - a company not only dedicated to selling whisky, but also to teaching people all about it and entertaining them on the way. Since then, he has toured the country holding whisky tastings, seminars and officiating at dinners and other events. He sells whisky from home, but also at trade fairs and highland games. The Whiskybrunnen webpage has some pictures under Gallery that you can check out...

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