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Work - possibly the most boring thing that you would ever want to read about on someone's web page. However, for the sake of completeness, here it is!

When I left UMIST (way back in 1992!), I didn't really know what I wanted to do. So I went back to my home town, Crawley, and decided to start looking for a job. Before I could do anything about this, though, one of my lecturers called and asked me if I wanted to do some programming for him for 15 months. I agreed and went straight back to Manchester. The programming went alright - I wasn't really into it back then, but the contract ran out after 15 months. Just as it did, however, another stroke of luck happened - the departmental computer system administrator decided to leave, and I applied for and got his job.

I spent just over a year enjoying life and being in control of the entire department's computers. However, Mel then appeared on the scene and we decided, after about 30 seconds of careful consideration, that we would move to Germany. So, just after we got married (one day after, to be precise!), I packed my bags and moved to Germany, and started working for SAP AG, in the Multilingual Technology department. And that's where I still am today!

What do I do there? Well, my main job is currently technical support - looking after SAP's translators and making sure that they can use the tools that are provided for them (SAP internal products combined with machine translation and translation memory products) to make their work easier. I also look after the department's computers (can you spot the trend starting?), do quite a bit of programming (primarily VB, but a little ABAP when the mood takes me) and have developed (and therefore currently also provide support for) an integrated solution for translation agencies to use machine translation and translation memory to translate certain parts of the SAP documentation.

I'm not looking for a new job at the moment - the one I've got is well paid, fun and keeps me not only busy, but also very, very entertained. One day, I may just post some of the funniest hotline stories here - believe me, you'd enjoy them!