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School - ah yes, the good old days when the worst thing that could happen to you was forgetting to do your homework on time! Although, thinking about it, that could be pretty bad, if you had some of the teachers that I had!

Here are a list of the schools that I went to:

  • Three Bridges First School
  • Three Bridges Middle School
  • Hazelwick Comprehensive School
    (University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology)

There is a site on the web called Friends Reunited, which has a list of schools in the UK. Having found your old school(s), you can enter your name and a few details about yourself and see who else has done the same. The entries are listed by the year you left, so it's relatively easy to find people that you know! From here on, it's just a matter of getting in touch!

More recently, I have become addicted to social networking via the website Facebook. This site allows you to upload information about yourself, pictures, and, crucially, to interact with other users that have done the same. They currently have over 100 million users, so it's not surprising that some of these are old classmates! One of them has even posted some very old pictures from Hazelwick in the mid-80s, which really brought back some memories!

Through these sites, I've got back in touch with a number of friends from school and university and brought back a whole load of memories of others that I'd otherwise forgotten about! If you are reading this because you have found this site through Friends Reunited or Facebook, then feel free to get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!